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The natural way to your health, life balance and harmony…
 Meridian Connection Tai Chi was founded in 2012. It offers Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes for everyone who is looking for maintaining and improving their health and wellness.
Fang Qin is the founder of Meridian Connection Tai Chi School. She is an accredited Kung Fu/Wu Shu and Tai Chi/Qi Gong practitioner, officially recognised by the Australian Sports Commission. She has won the international Wu Shu and Tai Chi championships in China. She has been travelling in China, Europe and Australia and offering people with simple Tai Chi for beginner classes as well as tailored Tai Chi/Qi Gong program to private, community and corporate businesses.
Tai Chi originated in ancient China. It is, in general, a safe and relaxing exercise for our body and mind. It is easy to learn, suitable for any age and fitness level, fun and cost-effective. And it is said to be one of the most effective options for people to begin their health and wellness journey.
Tai Chi practice reflects the philosophy of Taoism – returning to the origin of things, including your own nature. The more practice you have, the more understanding you will gain about yourself and your inner wellbeing under the context of the universe. Unlike some sports, it does not require one to compete against others. By contrast, you are on the way to discovering who you truly are – your natural spontaneity, vitality and freedom in your own way and at your own pace through Tai Chi practice.
Meridian Connection Tai Chi School currently offers beginner and intermediate Tai Chi classes each week in Hallett Cove. Please check “Classes/Learning Material” section for related information. Or contact Fang directly if you have any questions.
Fang on behalf of Meridian Connection Tai Chi School is looking forward to meeting you soon at one of our friendly and relaxing Tai Chi/Qi Gong class.
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New Tai Chi Classes for 2018

Tai Chi Classes commencing Monday January 29th, 2018
Tai Chi for Beginners (only for Private Group): 6pm to 7pm
Tai Chi for Beginners: 6pm to 7pm
37 Kurrambi Crescent, Hallett Cove 5158
Wednesday class: $15/per session. Payment term or concession card holder gets 20% off (no combined discount)
Monday small private group with maximum 4 people.
Please contact Fang at 0425 845 788 or send email to for further information.

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